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‘Hesidating’ Is Rampant Among Singles Right Now

‘Hesidating’ Is Rampant Among Singles Right Now

Dating ambivalently is more dangerous than it sounds.

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From inadvertently finding yourself in a situationship to being love-bombed or experiencing FODA (aka fear of dating again), there’s a bevy of ways that a well-meaning foray into the dating world can go sideways. Now, dating experts are pointing to a new 2022 trend that’s more pervasive than you might realize: hesidating.

Coined by dating site Plenty of Fish, the trend is, unsurprisingly, a downstream effect of the pandemic and the perpetual feeling that life is so uncertain at the moment. “From socially distant walks to video chats, to finally, meeting IRL for the first time, for many singles, dating can be a lot and the idea of getting into a relationship feels even more overwhelming,” Kate MacLean, resident dating expert at Plenty of Fish, tells InStyle. Continue reading ‘Hesidating’ Is Rampant Among Singles Right Now