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Big Toys for Big Boys and packing 40 inches were the GT40s

Big Toys for Big Boys and packing 40 inches were the GT40s

The Whitsun Trophy brought out the Beasts celebrating the 50 th anniversary of the GT40. 45 minutes of pure Ford power! In this outstanding showcase race, all versions of the GT40 were eligible and did include a few replicas which were built by Gelscoe. In this mix of were three MKII’s and a very rare MKIV where V8 engines ruled in the day.

The race ended with Adrian Newey and Kenny Brack in the ex-ESSEX wire GT40, one of the small block cars, taking the lead early on and bringing their car to the finish in first place

Imagine the emotion of seeing 27 of these fabulous cars on the track at the same time, and the rumble of their engines as they literally flew by on the Goodwood straight-away! In the paddocks, the Earl of biance to showcase these exceptional cars,- it was a thrill to get an up-close and personal look at these cars, having seen most of them only in books and photography situations, it was a privilege to be able to document them for myself.

The circuit of Goodwood played an important role in the GT40’s development during the 1960’s… some of the cars participating in static as-well-as during the race were the 1966 Le Mans winning chassis P/1046, the Alan Mann racing developed AMGT-2 car raced in the day by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon which won in 1966, a John Wyer Automotive team car in the blue and orange GULF colors. If any of you want to see what this car was like on the track, have a look and see online on You Tube, type in “Goodwood Revival 2013: Kenny Brack in the wild GT40”, you believe me,- it is more than worth the Watch . Second place was taken by Shaun Lynn the owner/driver of the GT40 #13 driving with Emanuele Pirro, 14 seconds behind the Newey/Brack car. Continue reading Big Toys for Big Boys and packing 40 inches were the GT40s