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How to Make an App Like Tinder: Things to Know and Costs

How to Make an App Like Tinder: Things to Know and Costs

Not only have modern technologies changed man-machine relations, but they also impacted interpersonal relationships. Can you remember when you sent a hand-written letter or notified anyone about the upcoming meeting personally last time?

More and more people are going online to find a life partner. That is why apps, chats, and dating websites have become extremely popular these days. If you’re going to build a Tinder clone app, you should be familiar with some ground rules.

Are you interested in how to make a Tinder app and how much it costs? Go ahead and check the video and article below.

In short, the cost of a Tinder-like app depends on the complexity of it’s functionality and the development company you choose. Roughly, the basic Android or iOS app may cost you $50,000-$55,000 based on average hourly rates of $50 in Eastern Europe. If you want to build apps for both platforms simultaneously, your budget will strike and exceed $100,000.

Algorithms Behind Tinder

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The aspiration to build a Tinder clone doesn’t fade over the years. Obviously, that’s due to it’s stunning popularity. Just take a look at the figures below:

The statistics are quite impressive. So you may be interested in what makes the dating app like Tinder so in-demand. First of all, Tinder functionality is really simple for users. Actually, it lies in swiping right and left for liking or skipping a particular person respectively. In case the other person returns the affection, Tinder creates a match.

Tinder is open for integration with Instagram. Users can access the Instagram profiles of their matches. Note that Tinder supports logging in with a Facebook account. Continue reading How to Make an App Like Tinder: Things to Know and Costs